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Alternative Fuel Partners




Bio-mass to energy solutions


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Waste oil filtration systems






Cheese Plant
Click on the sales pieces below for a downloadable copy of our sales literature. Or open the PowerPoint presentation below to view various alternative fuel burner packages that have been designed for this market niche.

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Due to the low BTU content of several of these fuels, they may need to be combined with Natural Gas or other fuels for proper combustion. Control systems can be designed to meet most applications. Webster alternative fuel burners are compatible with most boilers and are designed to meet the unique needs of individual fuels. For most liquids, some refining is necessary before burning.
Slaughter House

Liquid Fuels

  •  Tallow
  •  Waste Oil
  •  Yellow Grease
  •  White Grease
  •  Vegetable Oil
  •  Bio-Diesel
  •  #6 Oil

Gas Fuels

  •  Butane
  •  Digester Gas
  •  Syngas
  •  Landfill Gas
  •  Flair Gas
  •  Waste Gas
  •  Methane Gas

Webster Engineering & Manufacturing offers a line of Alternative Fuel Burners. These burners, in various configurations, have been designed to burn many of the "waste fuels" that are now being flared off or otherwise disposed of. A sampling of waste fuels is listed below:


Refinery Plant

Chemical Plant
Are you in one of the following industries?

What if Webster can design you an alternative fuel burner that will take this waste product and produce useful steam or hot water? Making your company a greener and more profitable $$ company.

Waste Water Treatment
Dairy Farm

Webster Alternative Fuel Burners/Waste Oil Burners

Does your process create a burnable waste product that you sell for pennies per pound to pay someone to haul off?

Low NOx levels are available using Induced Flue Gas Recirculation. Burner horsepower ranges form 10 to 2500 horsepower and linkageless controls are offered.

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Viesel / Burner Fire Test
Viesel Dickenson College


USED VEGETABLE OIL:  A common alternative fuel that is readily available is used vegetable oil gathered from local restaurants.  The videos above cover the testing of Viesel Fuel at the Webster Engineering facility and an installed system at a central Pennsylvania college.  A division of Viesel collects the used oil, filters it and makes it available as a burner fuel.  Webster Engineering manufactures the burner which has been modified to handle this vegetable oil fuel.  A trim heater is used to maintain the proper temperature for atomization and a double walled feed pipe maintains this temperature until the fuel can be burned.  The combination of Viesel Fuel and Webster burners can be used on a variety of boilers.  This is just another example of how your facility can become greener and save money at the same time.  For more information on Viesel Fuel, see the contact information below.

Viesel World Headquarters
3041 SE Dominica Terrace
Stuart, FL 34997
Phone: (772) 781- 4300
Fax: (772) 287-1570