Webster Burner Applications 

Webster Combustion offers a broad line of commercial and industrial powered burners for comfort heating, low pressure steam heating, and a wide variety of steam applications.

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Model No. General Market Example Advantage
JBFX All Ultra Low NOx Markets California Market 9 PPM NOx
HDFX All Ultra Low NOx Markets California Market 9 PPM NOx
JB Commercial Apartment Building, Waste Water Competitive Price
EJB Commercial Boilers, Heaters, Furnaces Dependable, Economical, Versatile
JBS Commercial, Light Industrial Hospitals, Universities High Efficiency
HDS Institutional, Industrial Food Processing, Hospitals High Efficiency
HDRV Commercial, Institutional Office Buildings, Airports General Use Applications, Forgiving
HDR-RF Industrial, Institutional Power Plants Large Size, Remote Fan, Register Burner
FDRX Industrial Power Plants Large Size, Low NOx, Register Burner
HDRMB All Ultra Low NOx Markets California Market 9 PPM NOx

Webster Combustion Technology offers a broad line of commercial and industrial powered burners for hot water, comfort heating, and low and high pressure steam applications. Webster burners are capable of firing nearly any type of boiler and burn a wide variety of fuels, including natural gas, propane, and #2, #4, or #6 oil.

For cast iron and other small boilers in BTU ranges from 400,000 BTU/hr to 12,600,000 BTU/hr our JB product line and is recommended. Some product configurations support < 30 ppm NOx levels and any burner can be configured to support high efficiency combustion control packages.

For commercial watertube and firetube boilers in BTU ranges from 1,674,000 BTU/hr thru 17,000,000 BTU/hr, requiring low NOx levels, high combustion efficiency, and high turndown, our JBS product line is a perfect fit. The JBS is also effective in highly engineered applications requiring alternative fuels and multiple fuel curves.

For large watertube and firebox boilers in ranges from 12.6 MM BTU/hr to over 40 MM BTU/hr Webster’s HDRV series supports a wide range of configuration options and styles. The HDRV is a fixed register burner.

For large commercial and industrial firetube and watertube boilers in BTU ranges from 8.4 MM BTU/hr to 63 MM BTU/hr, Webster’s HDS Series burner is the workhorse of these types of applications, offering dual fuel support, high turndown, low NOx, and high combustion efficiency.

For large industrial burners with inputs greater than 42 MM BTU/hr, Webster offers the HDR(S)-RF for firetube applications up to 2,500HP. For industrial watertube applications Webster offers the FDRX burner, which has a range of 15 MMBTU/hr to 200 MMBTU/hr.

For Ultra Low NOx applications, Webster offers the JBFX for BTU ranges up to 12.6 MM BTU/hr as a premix burner for natural gas with no FGR for < 9 ppm NOx and < 50 ppm CO. Webster’s JBFX offers fast, efficient ultra-low NOx support without the need for FGR.

For Ultra Low NOx emissions in firing rates over 12.6 MM BTU/hr, Webster’s HDRMB platform sets the standard all the way up to 100 MM BTU/hr. The HDRMB offers proven Rapid Mix Burner technology in dual fuel configurations with performance guarantees for Low NOx (>9ppm) and combustion efficiency. Webster's HDFX model is available in firing rates up to 21.0 MM BTU/hr.

Steam heating and a wide range of industrial steam applications can require highly customized burners depending on fuels to be burned, load requirements, site operation details, and emission or other regulatory requirements.  Webster offers a huge variety of highly engineered configurations to help address these requirements.