Boiler Burner Parts

Replacement Parts and Spares Sales


For more than 40 years in our present location, Webster Combustion technology has offered a comprehensive line of forced draft commercial and industrial burners for hot water, comfort heating, and low and high pressure steam applications. With tens of thousands of burners installed in a wide range of boilers, it's important to get the right part when you need it or to have the right spares to prevent downtime.

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Webster can identify the as-built records for our burners by the serial number of the burner.  Please have this information when speaking with a Webster representative for replacement parts.  Webster is committed to providing you excellent technical and customer service to get you the part(s) you need.

The following list is representative of some of the vendor parts we carry.  If it's not listed here, but is on your Webster Burner, just ask.

  • Marathon
  • Baldor
  • ABB
  • Maxitrol
  • Honeywell
  • ASCO
  • Siemens
  • Eclipse Butterfly Valves
  • Antunes
  • Hauck Oil Metering Valves
  • Webster Oil Pumps
  • Viking Oil Pumps
  • Fireye
  • Allanson
  • Autoflame
  • Hays-Cleveland (Cleveland Controls)

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Boiler Upgrades and Retrofits

If your installed boiler is in need of an upgrade, this is a good time to consider adding new components and controls to improve efficiency and achieve better total energy savings. Among other things, Webster can recommend the right new burner to reduce excess air and achieve the same burner output using a lower horsepower motor. This combination can save not only on fuel costs, but also – more significantly - on electricity cost.

Webster’s high efficiency burner models

  • JBS(X) Series: High efficiency, low excess air, 40 – 400 BHP range
  • HDS(X) Series: High efficiency, low excess air, low emission, 200 – 1,650 BHP range

Note: (X) designates low and ultra-low NOx models.

Temp-A-Trim® Auto-density trim system

Webster’s exclusive Temp-A-Trim auto air density trim system can be retrofitted on an existing burner of any brand to immediately save up to 3% of fuel and 30% on electricity costs. Temp-A-Trim senses combustion air temperature and automatically varies the fan speed to create a constant air flow mass for combustion. By maintaining optimum fuel/air ratios, you are assured that your burner is operating at maximum efficiency. It also reduces emissions by virtue of reduced fuel consumption.

Learn more about Temp-A-Trim.

Control upgrades

Webster offers all of the latest controls technology on our products and is an expert in applying them to help our customers achieve the most efficient combustion solutions.