Combustion College

Webster Combustion Technology's 2018 Combustion College

Note: At this time we are completely booked for the 2018 Combustion College sessions. If you would like to be put on a waiting list in case there are cancellations, you can email Sharon Moore and make that request.

Webster Combustion will be using the new format of the service school that was started in 2017 for the 2018 school. Just as last year, all of the below classes will be available for the students to choose from during each session of classes. Each student must choose five (5) classes they want to learn about (maximum of two parallel positioning classes may be selected). The participants will be split between the two sessions by Webster. Please note, the first session classes’ start on the morning of Monday, April 9th, with the students arriving Sunday evening. The first session ends at noon on Wednesday, April 11th. The second session starts on the morning of Thursday, April 12th, with the students arriving Wednesday evening. The second session ends Saturday, April 14th.

The cost of each training class is $1250 for a single room, and $1100 (each) for a double room. This will include the 2-1/2 days of Service School, hotel, and all meals. Webster will provide transportation to and from the Wichita Airport to the hotel and factory.

Pick-up times at the airport are noon to 5pm on the day before the class and return times are after noon on the last day of class. Please schedule flights accordingly. Do not schedule return flights before 1:30pm.

The list of the available classes are as follows:

Basic JB Burner

Class will cover JB pilots, modes of operation and set-up of the burner. This will cover natural gas and pressure atomized #2 oil fuels with on-off, LHO and LHL modes of operation.

Advanced JB Burner

Class will cover advanced JB topics, modulation operation, rate calculations, troubleshooting, and air atomization with modulating burners.

Basic Controls Class

Class will cover basic flame safeguard controls and troubleshooting of those controls.

Advanced Control Class

Class will discuss VFD’s, Temp A Trim and Draft Controls.

HD Gas Class

Class will cover set-up and troubleshooting HD gas burners, including pilot.

HD Oil Class

Class will cover set-up and troubleshooting HD oil burners, including air atomization.

Low NOx Class

Class will cover start-up and troubleshooting of low NOx burners, including fiber mesh and FGR.

Autoflame Control Class

This class will cover Autoflame parallel positioning controls.

Fireye Control Class

This class will cover Fireye parallel positioning controls.

Honeywell Control Class

This class will cover Honeywell parallel positioning controls.

Siemens Control Class

This class will cover Siemens parallel positioning controls.