Combustion College

Webster Combustion Technology Combustion College

The 2018 Combustion College dates will be announced soon
and registration will open in early February.

The list of the available classes and a description of the topics covered are as follows:

Basic JB Burner
JB pilots, modes of operation and set-up of the burner. This will cover natural gas and pressure atomized #2 oil fuels with on-off, LHO and LHL modes of operation.

Advanced JB Burner
Advanced JB topics, modulation operation, rate calculations, troubleshooting, and air atomization with modulating burners.

Basic Controls Class
Basic flame safeguard controls and troubleshooting of those controls.

Advanced Control Class
VFD’s, Temp A Trim and Draft Controls.

Burner Overview
Overview of our Webster burners, gas and oil trains, combustion theory, emissions, safety in the boiler room and installation of burners.

HD Gas Class
Set-up and troubleshooting HD gas burners, including pilot.

HD Oil Class
Set-up and troubleshooting HD oil burners, including air atomization.

Low NOx Class
Start-up and troubleshooting of low NOx burners, including fiber mesh and FGR.

Basic Parallel Positioning Control Class
General understanding of parallel positioning controls and how they work.

AutoFlame Control Class
AutoFlame parallel positioning controls.

Fireye Control Class
Fireye parallel positioning controls.

Hays-Cleveland Control Class
Hays-Cleveland parallel positioning controls.

Honeywell Control Class
Honeywell parallel positioning controls.

Siemens Control Class
Siemens parallel positioning controls.