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Webster Introduces High Efficiency Asphalt Burner

Winfield KS, March 3, 2017 - Webster Combustion Technology LLC (“Webster”) has developed a new boiler burner, the model HDRA-RF, based on an existing high efficiency product, and adapted it specifically for use in aggregate dryers in the asphalt industry.

The model HDRA-RF is a multi-fuel register-style burner that allows users to shape the flame by automatically controlling the register vanes to optimally fit their dryer and combustion zone. This allows the burner to operate with a shorter flame than products offered by other asphalt burner manufacturers. This flame-shaping capability means the flame will not impinge on the material, and CO can be maintained at much lower levels than currently available. In addition, NOx levels for the HDRA-RF are significantly lower than typically seen in asphalt applications. The Webster Combustion HDRA-RF operates with lower motor HP, an optionally supplied VFD and an inlet air damper, which allows for higher turndown ranges to reduce energy usage and provide greater total energy savings.

The Webster Combustion HDRA-RF burner readily adapts to mount on both Parallel Flow and Counter Flow Dryers, and the burner housing and fan can be installed in multiple configurations depending on space constraints and elevator location. The Webster Combustion HDRA-RF Series Asphalt Burner is capable of burning a wide range of fuels, either separately or simultaneously, including Natural, LP, and low BTU gas, all commercially available grades of fuel oil, and qualified waste oils. A dual manifold combustion head is available for applications firing multiple gas fuels.

Features of the HDRA-RF Asphalt Burner include:

  • Excellent flame stability for reliable performance
  • Low excess air for extremely efficient operation
  • Fully modulating register for automatic flame shaping
  • High turndown rates
  • Up to 10 to 1 on Gas firing
  • Up to 8 to 1 on oil firing
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Fire multiple fuels
  • Natural, LP, or Digester gas
  • No. 2 through No. 6 Oils
  • Configurable blower housing to match application requirements
  • Proven ignition system with an extremely stable pilot
  • High efficiency combustion air fans to optimize electrical needs
  • Access doors for easy service of firing head and fan for maintenance
  • Remote mounted combustion air fan and motor
  • Optional VFD and inlet air damper for precise air control
  • Air atomized oil systems may include an optional air compressor supplied with the burner package

Learn more about Webster's new Asphalt Burner, the HDRA-RF.

About Webster Combustion
Selas Heat Technology Company, LLC, acquired the business of Webster Engineering and Manufacturing in November 2013 and resumed its business as Webster Combustion Technology, LLC. The Company’s burners combine advanced control technology with proven combustion performance to provide the heat source for the transformation of water to potable hot water, hot water for heating, and steam for heating and process applications. For over eight decades, Webster’s proven designs have helped customers reduce emission levels, and provided higher efficiencies for both new and replacement installations. Webster’s patented Temp-A-Trim® system, senses combustion air temperature and utilizes a VFD to provide customers with both fuel and electrical savings. Webster will continue to expand its product offering by listening to the voice of the customer and providing innovative solutions to fulfill their requirements under the leadership of Mr. Mark Wehmeier and Mr. KK Tiwari, and with the support of Selas. Selas, a pioneer in the combustion industry since 1896, also owns the following brands: Pyronics®, Red Ray®, Ensign™ Ribbon Burners, Ray Burners® and Maxsys® Fuel Systems.