Boiler Burner with High Turndown Ratio

High Turndown Burners

Burners that continuously cycle on and off, that are slow to respond to load changes, or that have problems maintaining proper steam pressure and water temperature are burners that are wasting energy. Webster high turndown burners solve all of these issues and more.

Webster high turndown burners provide up to 12: 1 turndown to match boiler load requirements and reduce on and off cycling. Burners that are not designed to do this will continuously cycle on and off, resulting in "purge or cycling losses". When cool, purge air passes through the boiler, it removes heat and dumps it out the stack, resulting in energy waste and increased fuel costs. In addition, frequent on and off cycling also increases maintenance costs due to excessive component wear. The benefits of high turndown burners include:
  • Increased energy efficiency by reducing purge losses
  • Improved responsiveness to boiler load changes
  • Improved control and stability of steam pressure or water temperature
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability due to less component wear and failure from excessive starting and stopping
  • Reduced thermal shock to boiler and refractory

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Webster high turndown burners are available for applications from 50 BHP (2mm BTU/HR) to over 2500 BHP and have been the burner of choice for customers requiring reliable, high turndown operation.

High turndown burners with low NOx levels are also available using Induced Flue Gas Recirculation. Burner horsepower ranges from 10 to 2500 horsepower and linkageless controls are offered.

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