SC Series Low Emissions Burners

Low Emissions, Low Excess Air, Staged Combustion

The new “SC” series burner from Webster Combustion combines the reliable and rugged burner technology Webster is known for with a new, patented staged combustion firing head. This new offering allows the user to operate with low emissions without the cost and expense of external Flue Gas Recirculation piping, or the maintenance issues associated with surface combustion technology. The SC burner can achieve 30ppm NOx levels while maintaining a very low O2, which results in excellent efficiency, and can achieve as low as 9ppm NOx levels with an increase in the O2.

When combined with Webster’s patented Temp-A-TrimTM, the SC burner will maintain even lower excess air levels as operating conditions change, saving fuel and electricity and lowering maintenance costs. The SC burner is available for Scotch-Marine, firetube, watertube, flextube, firebox, and other heaters and vessel types.

SC Burner Features:

  • Excellent flame stability for reliable low NOx performance
  • Options for various NOx level requirements
    • Gas - 30ppm, 15ppm, 9ppm
    • Oil – 60ppm
  • Lower Excess Air requirements for extremely efficient operation
  • No External Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) required
  • Fire multiple fuels
    • Natural or LP gas
    • No. 2 Oil
  • Configurable blower housing to match application requirements
  • Field-proven ignition system
  • Combustion air fan and motor are housed in a single assembly for easy removal and inspection
  • Compatible for most types of boilers: Scotch-Marine Firetube, Watertube, Flextube, Firebox, as well as thermal heaters and other vessels
  • Options for both pressure and air atomized oil systems

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