Boiler Combustion Tuning with Temp-A-Trim

TEMP-A-TRIM® Automatic Air Density Trim System

Precisely corrects for air density changes to optimize combustion efficiency 24/7.

Provides fuel savings up to 3% and electrical savings up to 30%.

How Temp-A-Trim Works
The air temperature in your boiler room changes dramatically from day to night and season to season. These changes cause significant combustion inefficiencies and degrade combustion stability. Temp-A-Trim senses combustion air temperature and automatically varies the fan speed to create a constant air flow mass for combustion. By maintaining optimum fuel/air ratios, you are assured that your burner is operating at maximum efficiency.

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Temp-A-Trim Features & Benefits

  • Provides fuel savings of up to 3%
  • Electrical savings of up to 30%
  • Reduces emissions due to reduced fuel consumption
  • VFD use provides a soft start for less motor wear and reduced noise level
  • Reduces the need for seasonal burner tune-ups
  • Air density trim control and VFD provide opportunity for energy rebates
  • Easy installation with no special setup or programming required
  • Compatible with linkage or linkageless control systems
  • Available on all sizes of new or existing burners of any brand!

Temp-A-Trim also saves labor and downtime, because it reduces the need for seasonal burner tune-ups. The built-in VFD provides a soft start, producing less motor wear and reduced noise level. And finally, Temp-A-Trim’s air density control and VFD create opportunities for energy rebates, saving customers additional funds and making their return on investment even more enticing.

Temp-A-Trim control panel with door open showing circuitry, plus VFD

Temp-A-Trim Retrofits

Temp-A-Trim can be retrofitted on any boiler burner of any brand to start saving money on fuel and electricity immediately. Temp-A-Trim installs easily with no special setup or programming required. It is compatible with both linkage and linkageless control systems.

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