Low NOx Boiler Burners

Low NOx Boiler Burners

Webster has a long history of providing boiler burners that can achieve low nox performance when burning natural gas. Our technology acts to create much better fuel/air mixing at the point of combustion for better efficiency with other specific technologies depending on the application requirements.

We offer sub-30 ppm NOx levels when burning natural gas across all of our products.  The JBSX, HDRVX, and HDSX can all be configured to suit specific NOx levels.

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We also offer sub 9 ppm NOx levels on our HDRMB, JBFX, and SC product lines.  See the specific literature for each of these products.

The differences between the product lines have to with the degree of mixing provided and the controls to manage a much tighter range of NOx emissions.

Also, Temp A Trim acts as combustion control mechanism to manage excess air for the boiler burner.  As the combustion air temperature increases, the NOx formation will also increase.  Temp A Trim is standard on our HDRMB and JBFX products, and is offered as an option on all other products.

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