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Meet the Dream Team of Steam

Webster Combustion’s JB(X), JBE(X) and HDS(X) boiler burners and Hurst Scotch Marine boilers are now UL approved as a package.

Winfield KS, July 11, 2016 - After several months of testing and hard work, we are thrilled to announce that the Webster JB(X), JBE(X) and HDS(X) Series burners now have UL package approvals on all of the Hurst Scotch Marine boilers! These approvals include the Series 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 series boilers and applies from 15HP up through 800HP for gas, oil, combination gas/oil and low NOx applications.

This is exciting news as it means that Webster and Hurst have the approval of Underwriters Laboratories, the world’s most trusted and objective symbol of safety and peace of mind. With these approvals completed, the Dream Team is ready to start taking out the competition! Please contact either Webster or Hurst with any questions you might have. Download the announcement.

About Webster Combustion
Selas Heat Technology Company, LLC, acquired the business of Webster Engineering and Manufacturing in November 2013 and resumed its business as Webster Combustion Technology, LLC. The Company’s burners combine advanced control technology with proven combustion performance to provide the heat source for the transformation of water to potable hot water, hot water for heating, and steam for heating and process applications. For over eight decades, Webster’s proven designs have helped customers reduce emission levels, and provided higher efficiencies for both new and replacement installations. Webster’s patented Temp-A-Trim® system, senses combustion air temperature and utilizes a VFD to provide customers with both fuel and electrical savings. Webster will continue to expand its product offering by listening to the voice of the customer and providing innovative solutions to fulfill their requirements under the leadership of Mr. Mark Wehmeier and Mr. KK Tiwari, and with the support of Selas. Selas, a pioneer in the combustion industry since 1896, also owns the following brands: Pyronics®, Red Ray®, Ensign™ Ribbon Burners, Ray Burners® and Maxsys® Fuel Systems.