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Maxsys Fuel Systems

Saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint

Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd is a UK-based Selas Heat Technology Company who provides an established and scientifically recognized fuel saving technology, guaranteed to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by at least 5%.

Installed by many super-brands and Blue Chip companies throughout the world, the Maxsys Fuel Systems offer gas and oil efficiency savings to businesses operating within a wide range of industries, such as: automotive, brewing, chemicals, dairy, food & drink, insulation, minerals, packaging & paper, pharmaceuticals, plastics, steel and textiles.

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Fully compatible with most industrial burners and combustion plants, the Maxsys Fuel Systems provide:

  • A minimum of 5% annual savings in energy bills (natural gas, gas oil, fuel oils, etc.)
  • Measurable reductions in harmful emissions, including CO, CO2, VOC and SOX
  • Reduced boiler maintenance due to cleaner, more complete combustion
  • Trouble-free retrofit assembly, easily integrated with existing combustion equipment

Typical Maxsys Fuel Systems installations include improved energy efficiency for steam boilers, high pressure hot water boilers, most dryer plants including hood, fluid bed, band, spray and rotary, thermal oxidizers, salt evaporators, incinerators, thermal oil heaters, curing stations, rotary kilns, tunnel kilns, rotary furnaces and paint ovens, running on any gaseous fuels and liquid (such as natural gas, propane, butane, etc.; gas or diesel oil, fuel oils including kerosene and heavy fuel oil).

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